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Codak EPOS

EPOS System

At Codak we implement the latest technology whilst designing and building our system, we offer one of the most graphically enhanced Point-of-Sale systems. Visually pleasing to the eye and easy to use with the state of the art functionality that is simple and easy to use. Codak’s fast and very easy to use Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) is just one example.

  • Innovative stock control and sales report
  • CODAK EPoS makes ordering quicker
  • Better customer service
  • Remote management
  • Warehousing and centralised stock management
  • Operating System: Windows


Employee can access the secure system using either a password to login, or card swipe a staff card which is linked to the and will track their activities and keep a detailed report of all their transactions.

Order Modification

While selecting a menu item, our EPOS system makes it simple to modify the quantity of order and reorder process.

Customer History

Our EPOS system will store a historical log of customer orders which will help you develop customer profiles and enable better marketing strategies.


Some of the real time reports you can see on your phone tablet or PC from anywhere With internet connectivity.

Menu Entry

Its flexibility will allow you to create and customise your menus.

Automatic Backup

Our Automatic Backup tool allows you to set the time for the system to backup your daily activity. The data can be saved to either another network or a hard drive.


Our software can help you organize your inventory and stock control, giving you the information to make the maximum return for your investment. Our Inventory module will help you increase your profit margin and guard against theft. Once an item has been added or taken out, the inventory list will automatically updated.

Customer Loyalty Module

This module will integrate with the Customer database and allow you to administer a customer loyalty program and reward regular customers with discounts or send them special offers.

Online ordering Module

This can be linked to your website, the system will allow your customer to place an order and make a credit card payment. The order information will be instantly transferred to the EPOS system and all relevant functions updated automatically.