What Is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

Warehouse Pulse

After years of research, consultations and practical hands on work in the warehouse industry, Codak has produced a remarkable market leader in Warehousing systems, the Warehouse Pulse

The Warehouse Pulse covers all aspects of your warehousing requirements and is suitable for any size and type of warehousing business.

Codak Warehouse

Warehouse Pulse

Manage Every Thing
Codak Warehouse


Warehouse Pulse, overcomes many of the daily issues of miscommunication and the transfer of information from department to department. The Warehouse Pulse system will manage your stock level, keep track of your customer’s purchases, manage their account and manage your suppliers, their invoices and their payments.

The delivery handling side of Warehouse Pulse will keep track of your dispatching lists, drivers and delivery routes.

Warehouse Pulse is packed with many other modules that will increase exponentially the efficiency of your warehouse business. Warehouse Pulse will create reports that will give you a clear and concise picture of your Business, products, accounts and staff, information that will help you make the necessary decisions.

Key Benefits To Your Business

  •   Efficiencies leading to increased productivity.
  •   Multichannel integration.
  •   Financial control.
  •   Real time reporting.
  •   Accurate stock holding.